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I love Spotify!

Hey guys. I lololove this app called Spotify.

What’s Spotify? For those who have not heard about this, Spotify is a music app where you can play music (sort of like a music player) and don’t have to download the songs to listen to them. You can have it either on your mobile or on your desktop as well. 

As for me, I like to have my music on desktop because 

  1. my phone sucks
  2. you can see better on desktop rather than on you mobile 

This is mine though hehe 

Will look something like this on the laptop 

I did asked my friends to download this app. But they…. just wouldn’t listen to me. Said that it’s so difficult to understand and all. Well, you haven’t tried it yet!! What makes you say that? 

I’m the type who likes to discover music, and I’m really lazy to download it because it takes up space and all that. If you’re just like me, I’ll say, go have it! :) 

Another app that I discovered is 8tracks. 8tracks is an online radio playlist. You just go to the website to listen to the songs (if you’re on your computer) and download the app (if you’re on your mobile). This one is slightly different than Spotify. It’s a music playlist that users created and you can listen to them. (Especially to those who wants to discover great music, or want their friends to listen to the playlist that they made). The cons of this app is that :

  1. No playbacks
  2. There’s limitation for skip tracks. So if you don’t like that song, you can’t really skip it. (You can skip songs on Spotify though)

But the app is still great though.. It’s where I find out nice songs to listen to or underground band and stuff.

Soooo go check it out and have it in your mobile! 


My daily dose of chocolates. This is why I’m fat. #marksandspencer


Seasons in the sun

Went to the park yesterday for a simple, short bike ride with my boyfriend yesterday and it was exhilarating. After that, I drove home and get ready to go and pick up our photocopied text book at the shop. Not much to do yesterday, but today…. 

Today we went to the wax museum. I’ve never been to a wax museum before, (especially Madame Tussaud’s) and I’ve always wanted to go. But since I’m not traveling to anywhere, so I couldn’t. The other day I saw on the news that there’s actually a wax museum right in Malaysia, and it was opened just last year. The entry fees was also more expensive last year, but right now, it’s a bit cheaper. I really wanted to go, as soon as I heard it on the telly, I told my boyfriend about it. And today, we went to check it out. 

It was awesome! The statues were so detailed! Even have its pimples, or dimples and moles on it! Almost human! Took a lot of photos with the wax figures whose faces were celebrities and vvip’s! 

Next, we went to the Trick Art Museum which was located at the back of the wax museum. It was pretty interesting, like all of the things there were painted on the wall, and made 2D looks 3D. So you just stand there, take a picture, and the picture looks like it’s coming to life. Soooo cool! Basically just it, but it’s pretty interesting (and you get a free ice-cream too!)

After that, we went to this place called ‘Space Mission’. Seems dead and no one goes there. When we stepped out feet into that place, we were the only ones there. It’s basically displayed space stuff, sci-fi related things like (Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Aliens..etc) and you get to take a picture with it. Then, you get to ride on this space boat thing and you get to shoot something with the gun available in front of you sit. A bit boring, but for the sake of it being there, soo we were like, ‘Why not?’. And after we were done, we were like ‘That’s Why’ kinda of feeling.

The last part of our adventure today, was the Snowalk. It’s a building specialize for this man-made snow. It’s like a huuuge fridge where you can just go inside and play with snow (because my country don’t have four seasons, and it never snowed here and never will be). At first, I thought it’ll be like just something like where you just go in and walk around and do nothing, but I was wrong. There were slides, where you just sit and slide your way through, then there were steeper slides, and there’s where you can ride a sleigh on this slide tracks, and floaties where you can sit and slide on the track. Apart from that, there’s igloos and ice castles where you could take photos and snow men. Before we went out, we kinda played in this ice-rink, where you sit on this chair and you have to control where you move with these two sticks. Played it for a while, then our hands got really cold until I couldn’t stand it. It was fun, but I wished I had a pair of gloves with me. 

It was a great, and fun day for me. Especially when I get to spend my time and share my joy with my loved ones.  


Book reviews : The Evolution of Mara Dyer (contains spoiler)

(Pictures : Credits to Google) 

Last night, I managed to finish up reading this book, The Evolution of Mara Dyer, by Michelle Hodkin. This book is the sequel to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. 

My opinions on these books are: 

The first book, wasn’t so bad. It started out with this girl, Mara Dyer woke up in a hospital, and had no memory of what happened to her. She moved to a new school and her family wanted her to get over with what had happened to her, (well that’s fine) until she met this super hot guy (Noah Shaw) and later on they hook up and began to remember what happened to her the night she was found at the asylum. Noah And her had this something supernatural between them, and it’s like Noah’s the healer, and Mara’s the… destroyer. Mara’s family thinks she’s crazy because she saw her ex-boyfriend, Jude that everyone thought he was dead… but he’s not.

The second book is more intense as the ex-boyfriend Jude haunts her life, and send these creepy messages, and tormented Mara. Her family sent her to this place called Horizon, where she joins this group therapy thing, where they sat in a circle and talk about their emotions and stuff just to get better. I love reading about the romance between Noah and Mara. Noah is so sweet, so protective of her, and just…amazing. No one believes Mara except Noah because he’s the only one who understood Mara. The ending is sooooo mind fucked, because Jude was just a part of a plan that they did not know of. The whole asylum thing, from the beginning, was just a set up. Like seriously, what the helll!!! And Noah died?!?! How could NOAH possibly died?!

But Mara sounded like she doesn’t believe in that fact because before this, they’ve faked Jude’s death. Sooooo yeah. I’m just waiting for the third book.

Overall, this book is pretty okay, but this Mara girl is pretty weird as well. Sometimes, you just don’t know whether what she’s feeling is real or not.  





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